The Museum

Oct. 23, 2009

This is one is for all the iPhone users:

iphone users

Juicy Couture iPhone Case

Forget the 75,000 apps for everything in the world, I would get an iPhone for this. I’m sorry that this museum collection doesn’t pertain to anyone except iPhone users, but it’s so for the girly girl and adds that extra spice to your personality. I just saw this and felt that it was ME.



Oct. 16, 2009

Chanel Chair

Suzan Fellman Vintage Scarf Furniture Collection

High Fashion Chanel Chair

This is a such a different piece of furniture, yet so upscale in it’s own way. It looks clean and of quality. Chanel looks super artsy through this chair and would be a piece that would be in my closet for a place to sit while I ponder what to wear. I LOVE this chair.


Oct. 10, 2009

chanel watch

Chanel Ribbon Watch

This dazzling timepiece belongs to the Chanel Light Jewelry Collection. It is made of white gold, diamonds and precious stones.

I love the elegance that this watch gives off. I’m not really concened with what time it is when this is on my wrist, it’s more for the fashion statement.



Oct. 6, 2009


A Picture says A Thousand Words!!

I seen this Balenciaga masterpiece on Beyonce first and she definitely rocked it well. Another high priced item that graces my museum, but this one is a must have.


Oct. 3, 2009

Monogram Double Jeu Neo-Alma

Monogram Double Jeu Neo-Alma by Louis Vuitton

OMG!! No better collectible to be the 1st in THE MUSEUM other than by a favorite deisgner!! This bag is so classy, yet everyday. When you look @ it, QUALITY is the 1st word that should come to  mind. My heart fell into pieces at this $4,500 item…..and My Gosh…ITS SO WORTH IT!!


Oct. 2, 2009

The Museum is home to all pieces that catch my eye.  If I like it, you won’t see it here, this is for Love, Admiration & Inspiration items. By me posting these collectibles for you, it gives you all the chance to look through my pretty pupils & hear about why the item makes into THE MUSEUM!

In all reality, this is for me, NOT you….sorry.


5 responses

4 10 2009

Wow what a price… but what what a bag!

6 10 2009

…If heels could kill!!! Hot to def!!

14 10 2009

gosh i need that watch!!! its sooooooo chic!!! 🙂

17 10 2009

i need that chair snot……now!!

19 10 2009
Jennifer Jackson

SUPER CUTE!!!!!!! I love it!

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