Lights, Camera, Action

Oct. 23, 2009

Let’s play a lil’ game, who do you know that:

was born in 1959, hasn’t aged one bit, known to have multiple personalities, sexy, in shape, fashion icon to girls all over the world and even some boys and is still rocking the fashion industry today in 2009?????


Oh yes! Ms. Barbara Millicent Roberts better known as Barbie!

From day one she has been on top of her fashion game and even though she’s a doll, we can learn some things.

Barbie 1- 1960

Versus Barbie






Weird Barbie


sassy barbie 





Secretary Barbie

Dark Barbie 






Lights, Camera, Action gives the spotlight to the one and only Barbie. I don’t really have to explain this…we all know she’s a fashion icon.


Oct. 17, 2009

ART IS FASHION presenting Gabriel Anton Sirotic


Dont judge a book by it’s cover….this man is talented!

Gabriel Anton born and raised in the ghettos of  Cleveland, OH now residing in Nashville, TN on his way to conquering the world through art. The love for his craft is so deep and inspiring. No college degree, No professional training, JUST PURE TALENT.

From the outside appearance, he may look like someone that you typically wouldn’t approach, but just say hello and you’ll find that he is one of the most intelligent, intellectual and personable people that you’d ever come across. He’s a disciplined entreprenuer who does art of any kind whom I have gained a great deal of my motivation from to be the best that I can be in my craft. I am going to showcase some of my favorite pieces from the artist, just to give you a taste….

640 loc

“The Life of Christ”

Christian art that paints the picture to memorable happenings we read about in the bible. So detailed and vibrant. Created with colored pencils. Spiritual and uplifting!


The Twins


“Oktoberfest Twins”

Requested custom made design for an Octoberfest Event. This shows his versatility and represents how he delivers as a business man for his clients.


Obama 1000

“Obama For the People”

Political art shows a deep message of Obama looking down in deep thought on the people by a project building burning in hell for help. He’s here to help! Very inspiring work.


Skyline Music

“Music in the City”  

Oh for the artsy, he’s got you covered too. A watercolor creation merging the city within the different music instruments uniting them on one accord. Creative and  melodic!


Michael Jackson


” A Tribute to a King”

As we all know, the passing of legend Michael Jackson affected us all in one way or another, so this is a memorial piece to MJ in the way Gabriel remembered him best. This was his 1st watercolor painting ever done. The signature pose you see here is classic and I think Gabe did a great job of bringing him alive through art. R.I.P. to the King of Music and you will forever be missed.


Lights, Camera, Action goes to Mr. Sirotic because he has proved through his art that he is gifted and truly can paint the perfect picture of our thoughts, feelings and views through his drawings. I know you’re dying to see more of what Gabe has up his sleeve.

Visit or click the link on my home page that reads GABRIEL ANTON.

If you need custom work done for framed art, apparel, etc. please contact him and support today’s entreprenuers. Trust and Believe, this isn’t the last you’ll hear of Gabriel Anton Sirotic.


Oct. 10, 2009

And the Fashion Designer Spotlight goes to:

Balmain's Face 


Pierre Alexandre Claudis Balmain was born May 18, 1914 and was laid to rest on June 29, 1982.

Balmain started his fashion house in 1945 and it was known for sophistication and elegance throughout Paris, France. Once Balmain passed away, his assistant, Erik Mortensen took over the line from 1982-1990. The torch was then passed to Oscar De La Renta from 1993-2002.

Then the unthinkable happened….Balmain filed for bankruptcy

The history of Balmain was too strong to just let it die off, so investors gave Christopher Decarnin the chance to revive the line…and what did he do?????

Balmain Models 2


He transformed the look into what he calls “tough-chic” and that’s not all…

Balmain dresses

He also transformed the look into what he calls “body-skimming”

The line has grossed millions and millions of dollars under Christopher’s vision and has celebrities such as Rihanna, Beyonce, Michael Jackson, Kim Kardashian and many others flocking to Paris to be clothed in Balmain.

Hands down, Balmain is one of my favorite fashion designers because it’s cut-edge, elegant, strong and didn’t let failure knock it out, they kept pushing and are untouchable!! 


Oct. 6, 2009

Everybody please tune in on Saturday, October 10, 2009 for your new weekly fashion spotlight. Look forward to a new entry on every Saturday!! Get excited! Well until then keep your fashion game up, I’m always watching and the next Lights, Camera, Action segment could have your face on it.


TaviOct. 3, 2009

And the spotlight goes to….TAVI GEVINSON, 13 yr. old American Fashion blogger fom Oak Park, Chicago. She has definitely taken the fashion world by storm since she started blogging @ age 11. Most of us were riding bikes or playing with trucks and dolls, but not in this era. She’s going head first. Tavi Gevinson describes herslef as ” a tiny 13 yr. old dork that sits inside all day wearing awkward jackets & pretty hats.” Gevinson not only blogs, but has graced the covers of numerous fashion magazines and has teamed up with London-based Borders & Frontiers to design & sell her own t-shirts. This smart 13 yr. old blogger has had 4 million readers since she began blogging and has become a very popular guest @ many fashion shows.

Tavi 3 photo

For a 13 yr. old to skip school to sit front row @ a highly publicized fashion show takes courage, ambition and deep desire for fashion and that’s why Lights, Camera, Action is on Tavi Gevinson.


Oct. 2, 2009

Here you can find commentary on fashion icons, influential people, new comers to the industry or your average joe or jane. Doesn’t matter, they get their chance to be in the spotlight.

Who knows, I may birth someone, is it u?…..leave it in a comment.


4 responses

3 10 2009

Ok….I love tavi!!!! She is so like the girl version of me!! Nice find boss lady! (Insider)

4 10 2009

OMG, I started fahsion/beauty blogging at age 10 but I didn’t get that famous!

14 10 2009

i love him!!! snot!! im so excited for our future!!! 🙂

19 10 2009

gabe so damn talented dude!!!!!! we got a damn team!!!

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