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Oct. 23, 2009


Burger Dress

Who in the hell thought of this? I know fashion is all about creativity and pushing the envelope, but really!! Is it just me or even though this girl is in shape, dont you kind of think she’s fat with this “Cheesburger” inspired dress? Hahaha!! Creativity and effort A+ but some things just wont cut it in the fashion industry unless it’s for a particular reason or theme.

Burger Dress, C’mon….what do you think?


Oct.17, 2009

My Musical Daydreams

I just wanted to share with you all two songs that I heard the other day that I’m really diggin for one reason or another. There are certain songs when I hear them once, I fall in love and these songs gave me that feeling for two very different reasons.

I wanted to post the videos from youtube on here, but I’m still fairly new to blogging and dont have too much time to figure it out right now, so I will provide you the links.


Ester Dean ft. Chris Brown- Drop It Low

When I seen this as the new joint yesterday on 106 & Park I was like I dont care if this girl turns out to be a one hit wonder, this my shit! It immediately made me think of my girls back in Milwaukee and how we can get it in the club to this song. You see, we dont really dance with guys, we like to be watched. So this song is perfect. I know its talking about shaking your booty, but it’s so contagious and you have to do what she says to the beat. I daydreamed us walking in the club and having a lightweight routine to this just to show out….I think that’s the hidden entertainer in me that wants to come play.  Listen to it and let me know if you dont wanna make you booty go boom ba ba boom ba boom ba boom boom, OH!!

dirty money












Diddy ft. Dirty Money- Angels

I seen this video yesterday on 106 & Park also and it literally touched my soul. I dont know if it was hearing Diddy singing so soothingly or  Dirty Money’s harmonies that blew me away or even the beat taken from one of Biggie’s joints. I think it was all combined. Sometimes, songs come along like these and they just make me so calm in any situation and this is that song for me right now. It’s so soft..I seriously visioned me riding in a Black Maybach with some herbal with Uphyboi and our cousin Dontay…just cruisin on a rainy day…thinking about when we used to make music. This song lightweight makes me want to record again!!


Oct. 10, 2009


So, everybody knows that Beyonce and Jay-Z have been together for years and are now happily married. They are spotted together practically everywhere and are known as “The Hottest Couple” in the industry. However, before Beyonce and Jay, there was…..

bey n lyn

Beyonce & Lyndell Locke!!

He was Beyonce’s high school sweetheart that was with her when she got her 1st deal and step into stardom. Not too long ago, people started to dig into Bey’s past and heard a rumor that she was pregnant @ 15 and had an abortion. Well, Mr. Locke opens his story.

Lyndell Locke, now a chef living in Houston, TX met Beyonce when they were teens and had a well known “puppy love” relationship. People close to Beyonce and her family stated that she did love him and he loved her. However, not everyone in the family was a fan of Lyndell. Once Beyonce reached fame, Lyndell was somehow pushed and threatened to stay away.

Well, he came forward to speak on the rumor of Beyonce having an abortion and said that Beyonce was never pregnant by him and never had an abortion. When asked were they sexually active, he said “No Comment.” After backing up Bey, he went on to say that he is very happy for her success and feels that if certain people hadn’t been in the middle, he and Beyonce would probably still be together today or at least have contact. Sweet story and to be honest, if cleaned up a bit, he would be really cute. So people start to think, is Jay-Z who Beyonce really wanted?

He does resemble a lot of the men that are cast as her eye candy in all of her videos, but we will never know and as private as Bey is, she would never tell. When asked how did he feel about her being with Jay, he stated, “I’m happy for her and him and I am pleased with the life and family I have today.” I kind of feel sorry for dude, but at the end of the day, I love Beyonce and Jay-Z as individuals and as a couple. They’re talented, powerful and happy, so I say let the past be the past and let’s move on with the future.

beyonce n jay zAwwwwww!!!!

So, what do you think Bey & Jay or Bey & Lyn??? 


Oct. 6, 2009


Brett Favre Vikings                                                     aaron-rodgers


    Monday Night Football

   October 5, 2009


Well, thanks for chatting with me today. There has been a decision that I have had to make since the NFL started back up this season. Do I stick by Brett Favre as a Minnesota Viking or do I stick with my closest to home team of the Green Bay Packers?

Let me just clear one thing up 1st, yes Aris Dionne is a woman and yes I do love Football. Ok, now let’s continue.

I am going to stick with Brett Favre for a few  reasons:

1. He’s a great quarterback and has made history in so many areas. After this game, he is the 1st quarterback to beat all 32 NFL teams.

2. Green Bay got rid of Favre so y would I dump him!!

3. He’s cute!!!!

Besides those facts, Favre just has been proving himself to me this season and I am so excited to follow his journey as it is coming to an end. Oh by the way, this was his last game in his 30’s, Brett Favre turns 40 on Saturday. He’s awesome!! There is just something that makes me so emotional watching him play this season, everything he does is like a monumental moment for me as he heads towards the end of his career. The Green Bay Packers has a hell of a team this season and I wish them the best, but even though its the 1st quarter in football, I’m calling Minnesota Vikings a contestant in this year’s SuperBowl. Agree or Disagree?? Lemme know what u think! 






Oct. 3, 2009


cookie- new            CHIPS            or            COOKIE                                                                                                        

What do you prefer with your meal? and what does it say about you?

I had a funny conversation over coffee with a colleague and he asked me “Snot, what do you prefer with your meal, the chips or the cookie?” So I replied and said, “I tend to always go with the cookie.” We laughed and he began to tell me that he knew I would go with the cookie because of my personality. He has this theory that people who go for the cookie are usually more unique than others. I died laughing @ this theory. Obviously, he goes for the cookie too! Anyway, what do you go for, the chips or the cookie? and do you think this theory is on point or straight bullshit?



Oct. 2, 2009

Hi, come pull a chair up next to mine…..closer….a little closer so we don’t have to yell…..ok good, let’s chat!

Now you don’t have to be shy with me,  we can talk, debate or just straight laugh or cry together about pretty much anything here.


3 responses

4 10 2009

Hmmm, me? haha, chips AND a cookie, now that’s unique! Lol, but probable both, I just can’t choose.

6 10 2009

Favre is cute!!! 😉

19 10 2009
Jennifer Jackson

I love Drop It Low!!!!!! OWWWWWW!!! dats my shyt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol And i cant imagine you in the club lol…

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