Complimenting Others: Without Talking!!

23 10 2009

kanye's entourage

Kanye’s entourage….NICE!

Complimenting someone or being complimented by someone fashionably is key. Ye’s entourage does this for him in multiple ways through each of their personal styles. Colors, Coats, Vests, Jeans, Pants, Leggings, Briefcases, Suitcases, Sneakers, Boots, Loafers, Hats & Glasses are all “professionally nerdy” respresented in this entourage. I give this group a thumbs up for today.


My Much Needed Gift to Myself

17 10 2009

Marc Jacobs Fragrance

LOLA by Marc Jacobs

  • 1.7 oz. for $65 or 3.4 oz. for $85
  • Sensuous Floral Fragrance
  • OMG, Beautifully Orgasmic

Well, Well, Well…when I saw this I said this will be purchased. There’s absolutely no way that I can not have this fragrance in a bottle so damn sassy and gorgeous..(sigh)

The Olsen Twins

10 10 2009





Mary Kate Olsen









Ashley Olsen








It’s time to seperate these two!!!

Now don’t get me wrong, to me, they are both super fashionable, but if we just have to choose one of the twins….


Aris Dionne’s Personal Style

6 10 2009


I LOOK HOT!! I am giving you a personal invitation to my style. This is a collection of items that I hand picked as something I would wear for a “Day of Shopping.” I know most people would consider this for a huge event, but as chic as this is, it’s pretty mild for me.

I HATE when others look like me or even try to, but for you clones who just absolutely insist, let me help you out:

Markus Lupfer Roisin Star Jacket $1,345

DURAS Ambient Vintage Jean Shorts $139

Dimepiece Clothing- Femme Symbol Tunic $62

Roger Vivier Shoes $1,599

Gold Skull Clutch $1,195

Cluster Box Ring by Lucy Hutchings $322

Making Headlines: PRICELESS!!

ELLE Magazine 2009 October Issue

4 10 2009


elle oct 09

If you haven’t grabbed it, go grab it!!

Tons of fashion tips, to die for pictures and much more, just thought I’d give the fashionable and the non-fashionable a heads up.

While, you’re here…check out the 1st edition to THE MUSEUM, go follow MY CLIMB, see who made LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION and have a little CONVERSATION with me OVER COFFEE!!

Talk to you guys later,

Aris Dionne

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

2 10 2009

Aris Dionne


In the ladies room getting pretty, I’ll
be out in a sec.